Mai, 2021

18Mai10:0016:30Klimakonferenz "Joining forces for climate action – African and European civil society perspectives"10:00 - 16:30



Eine Veranstaltung der Klima-Allianz Deutschland (Climate Alliance Germany) and VENRO.

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The event brings together political stakeholders and representatives from academia, civil society and media from Africa and Europe to highlight the urgent need for an ambitious climate policy rooted in solidarity.  Relations between the two continents and ways in which they can act together will form the main focus of the conference, taking into account the demands of civil society. The following two sets of questions will be addressed:

  1. How can we build more sustainable, more resilient societies? What strategies and partnerships – such as the European Green Deal – will be required on an international level?
  2. What role does civil society play in climate cooperation between the African Union and the European Union? How can civil society actors in Africa and Europe be strengthened in order to actively shape climate solidarity?

Answers to these questions are also highly significant for other international discussion processes in 2021. The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow will be at the centre of global attention in November, under the banner of Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change. It is similarly clear from the goals of the G7 (Build Back Better) and G20 (People, Planet, Prosperity) as well as the Petersberg Climate Dialogue and the UN Biodiversity Conference in Kunming that the global climate crisis can only be successfully tackled together.


(Dienstag) 10:00 - 16:30

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