Who are the members of BNW?

Our members are small to medium-sized enterprises from all sectors. From the brewery or the metal construction company, from the bank to newspaper publishers and lawyers, from the renewable energy sector to the creative industry – our members are as diverse as the economy itself. Trade, service and the manufacturing industry are equally represented.

Overview of our members

Who can become a member?

Our members are campaigning for the implementation of ecologically and socially sustainable concepts – on the inside and on the outside. Companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed or senior managers can become a member, if you share the same goals and positions of the association and acknowledge our statutes.

Companies and organizations of following sectors are excluded from membership: weapons, nuclear power and fossil fuels, genetic engineering, tobacco and the gambling industry. Furthermore, companies that do not clearly distance themselves from child labor and forced labor are excluded from membership. Additionally, you are not allowed to have any formal Due Diligence complaints from the civil society within the last 24 months. Furthermore, companies that are not rightfully paying their taxes in the location of their registered office and / or the area of their market, are also exempt from membership.

In case of justified doubts concerning the implementation of ecological and/ or social sustainability concepts, third parties may send a message to the office of BNW. Please use the following e-mail address:

How much is the membership fee?

The yearly membership fee amounts to 650 EUR regularly or 325 EUR reduced for start-ups (up to 5 years). A higher fee is recommended for companies employing more than 50 employees. 

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If you wish to become a member please contact Franziska Keich (Subject: membership information) or fill in the online form below.

Before submission, please make sure the form is filled in completely.


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