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BNW e.V. – German Federation of Sustainable Economy – was founded as early as 1992. Representing its members, BNW campaigns for the protection of the environment and a sustainable economy. BNW is a nonpartisan, non-profit and financially independent entrepreneurs association.

Together with the experts from within the ranks of its members and the executive board, BNW contributes to the legislative process, is consulted in hearings of the German parliament (Bundestag) and develops concepts for sustainable economic development.

BNW is in constant dialogue with policy-makers, both at state and federal level. The members are mainly small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to political lobby work, BNW facilitates and enables cross-sector networking opportunities and information exchange for its members. Furthermore, BNW strives to increase public awareness by actively promoting key topics of green economy.

In its 25 years of history, BNW has contributed towards a more sustainable political framework. The implementation of a fiscal policy that sets incentives for a social and ecological transformation has played an important role in this matter. The association supported the law introducing the ecological tax reform that was passed in 1999. The law resulted not only in a reduction of carbon emissions, but also in an ecological steering effect. The efficient use of energy in the economy has become a competitive factor.

BNW is one of the many fathers and mothers of the German Renewable Energy Act (known in German as the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz – EEG). Promoting renewable energy is one of the core orientations of the Association. The EEG has the vitally-important job to kickstart modifications in our energy systems and and to make ​​renewable energies successful. The focus is about inter-generational equality and global climate justice, the renunciation of fossil fuel power plants and nuclear energy without excuse. A lot of our members operate successfully in the field of renewable generation, or the use of renewable energy; some are pioneers in the implementation of alternative and efficient energy systems in their operations. We are the contact point for energy related policy topics, for small and mid-sized German businesses. Many of our members are involved at the same time, for public power topics, thus encompassing the democratization of the whole energy infrastructure.

Genetic engineering is also a topic that the association has been dealing with on a regular basis. In the debate on the genetic engineering amendment law 2007/2008 BNW advocated for a better protection against genetic contamination. The legal report written by the law office Gaßner, Groth, Siederer & Coll. And commissioned by BNW, disclosed potential hazards giving the association the opportunity to influence the legislative process.


BNW Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.

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