Together with Entreprendre Vert (France) and Grüne Wirtschaft (Austria) BNW has founded, the European Sustainable Business Federation.

Environmental, economic and energy politics go beyond national borders. The European Union and its decision-making structures are becoming more and more important. To an ever-increasing extent, economic policy issues are decided in Brussels – and the networks of national associations of the green economy are growing stronger.

The first steps towards were already taken in 2009 on the initiative of the national associations Grüne Wirtschaft (Austria), Entreprendre Vert (France) and BNW (Germany). Since it’s foundation, many more green national associations have joined (For the full overview, click here.) The federation now represents over 2500 SMEs across Europe, all of which are green pioneer enterprises implementing new sustainable business models.

A strong voice for a green and sustainable economy in Europe

Since many years, the founding member organisations contribute actively to the political decision-making process in their respective countries. is the umbrella organisation of entrepreneurs, unified in their acceptance of responsibility for our economy, our environment and our society., European Sustainable Business Federation, sets a course for sustainable economic policies on European level. advocates for a genuinely sustainable economy. lobbies at the national and European level for subsidiarity and decentralization of economic, ecological, and social structures.

Key topics are:

  • New and alternative entrepreneurship with special focus on small and medium-sized businesses and green start-ups
  • Green New Deal: Ecopreneur presents concepts for a green economy and supports an economy that is ecologically and socially sustainable.
  • Key subject of sustainable economy, such as energy, agricultural policy and the Circular Economy

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Photo: European Union 2015

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