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Since its founding more than 25 years ago, BNW carried out or chaperoned quite a few projects. On this site, we will give you an overview of our latest initiatives.

Ecopreneur.eu currently holds several national member associations from across Europe (e.g. France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary and Belgium). The organization was officially founded in 2015. All members contribute actively to the political decision-making process in their respective countries to bring forward a sustainable, green economy. Furthermore, Ecopreneur.eu is supporting social innovations, for regional and economic structures in small and medium sized enterprises. Today, more than 2500 green, circular and sustainable businesses are represented by Ecopreneur.eu.

For more information, visit the website ECOPRENEUR.EU

This joint project “Go green!” by BMUB aims especially towards young people aged between 14 and 25. It provides adventure rooms to discover the greening of jobs. The focus is drawn on job workshops to find the best job that suits you. Added to that, competitions and a so called “Grüner Gipfel” (Green summit) are also part of the program. Specific experiences in businesses with interesting personalities from science and practical experience are there to help adolescents find their strengths and potentials. The project is funded by „Berufsbildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung befördern”. Über grüne Schlüsselkompetenzen zu klima- und ressourcenschonendem Handeln im Beruf (BBNE)“
For more information and details about the project (in German) please click here
In the project „Pilot-Matching-Marktplatz zwischen Umwelt NGOs und Unternehmen“, members from the economy and small environmental NGOs combine their resources and knowledge to find new solutions together. Nowadays, more and more cooperation is required to initiate social innovations and to reach the goal of transforming a sustainable economy.
In order to support the cooperation between small and medium sized  enterprises and small environmental NGO’s, we created a project within the marketplace, where “pilot matchings” take place.
For a full overview of the project (in German) please click here.
Thanks to the project „Netzwerk Grüne Berufe“ (Engl.: Green Job Network), orientation programs were created for High School students, which paved their way for green apprenticeships or green Jobs in general.
For a full overview of the project (in German) please click here.
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs (agenda United Nations 2030) are political guidelines on economical, ecological and social bases. The project „SDGs praxisnah umsetzen“ (How to practically implement the SDGs) focuses towards small and medium-sized businesses which have a strong interest in pursuing sustainable performances.
For more detailed information of the project (in German) please click here
StartGreen@School supports the foundation cultures at schools. Therewith, the projects set signals for more green inceptions and a stronger alignment for sustainability within the businesses.
Click here for more information.
Under the aspect of sustainable economic activities, the project “Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung”, which got awarded by the UN decade project, was created to support economical thinking and action for students and trainees. During its pilot phase, the project was financially promoted by the “Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt”. It is supposed to convey to students grasping the connection between the economy, the environment and social justice before their first employment.
For more information and details about the project (in German) please click here.

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